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Hi Profile is a multimedia and marketing service agency involved in many aspects of the development, deployment, and maintenance of multimedia and technology projects including, mobile, media and customized web development solutions.

Hi Profile is more than a company, it is a "STATE OF MIND!" It is a way of being; A way of conducting one's self in life and business affairs. Hi Profile is a personal statement!

Hi' Pro'file n. A deliberately conspicuous manner of conducting oneself or one's affairs:
To maintain a high profile in professional or political life.

Hi Profile creates dynamic multimedia experiences that drive a clients' business and strategic objectives, specializing in the development of Web Media content for deployment in various implementations. Hi Profile works with clients to help them realize their full potential. We create, produce, manage, and distribute content to captivate the audience, driving traffic, increasing revenues and enhancing brand awareness.

To see our portfolio of work go to our facebook page located here

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

Hi Profile specializes in Multi-Media.
Photography • Videography • Illustration • Web Design • Print Design • and more...

To see our portfolio of work go to our facebook page located here

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Phone: (416) 704.4776
Toronto, ON, Canada