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The work of the MAN, the MYTH, the LEGEND!
A Marketing Consultant & Digital Creative Leader Strategy, Branding & Design.

Marketing Strategy

I work with you to meet your needs. From Go to Market Strategies, to Customer Segmentation and Acquisition. We create plans and execute on them to help you grow your business.


I make sure you get seen and known. I've worked with companies to position them first in consumers minds.

Digital Design

I create digital assets that communicate; from photos to graphics, videos, flyers, emails and presentations to name a few. I create, manage, and distribute content for you to engage your audience!

Advising & Coaching

I lead the way by sharing my stories and experiences of sucess to engage and empower others to find theirs. I Teach, Coach, Advise and Mentor.


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1996 - Present
Hi Profile
Marketing Consultant,
Hi Profile

Created, lead, executed and managed multiple comprehensive and creative, communications, marketing, and public relations plans; with executive summary reports to senior management including the VP and Executive Office

2014 - Present
Centennial College
Adjunct Professor,
Centennial College

Prepare students to be full participants in the globalized world through social analysis, media literacy, equity studies, and explorations of identity and social justice. Significantly improve adult and youth learning through engaging curricula and non-traditional teaching.

2012 - 2017
Centennial College
Sports Info & Marketing,
Centennial College

Created, lead, executed and managed multiple comprehensive and creative, communications, marketing, and public relations plans; with executive summary reports to senior management including the VP and Executive Office.

Encode Media Group
Venue Results Manager,
TO2015 Para Pan American Games

Managed venue results team including volunteer team, scoring technology team, and print distribution team.

Encode Media Group
VP Operations & Business Development,
Encode Media Group

Managed the portfolios of Operations, Marketing, Communications, and Business Development Delivered sales and marketing strategies which included advertising, product development, PR and promotion.

Centennial College
Marketing Manager,
North Plains

Positioned the company as an industry thought leader through B2B marketing and communication strategies. Built new metrics analysis platform from sales & marketing stats using Salesforce.com increasing lead generation pipeline

Encode Media Group
Creative Director,
Encode Media Group.

Provided sound strategic direction and oversaw project teams,connected business needs with creative solutions. Built strong client relationships.

UMAC - Urban Music Association Canada
Director of Marketing,
Urban Music Assoc Canada

Responsibile for the Strategy and execution of the Marketing and Communciations. Executed brand awareness and marketing campaigns for a nationally televised Music Awards Show.- Canadian Urban Music Awards (CUMA) carried by the CBC 03, Sun TV 04, and Global TV 05

Encode Media Group
Assoc Creative Director,
Encode Media Group.

Developed marketing strategies, conducted market research and created campaigns. Also created and delivered assets as well as managed customer relationships and deliverables.

Centennial College
Marketing Manager,
Edisoft Inc.

Managed product lifecycle in sales and marketing working with third party software application vendors Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains, ACCPAC, QuickBooks to market integrated B2B EDI solutions to B2C end customers.

Homedica Inc
Marketing Director,
Homedica Inc. (Startup)

Managed corporate sales, marketing, communications, and executed strategy in these areas to grow business

Springboard Services & Centennial College
IT Sales Engineer Supervisor,
Medigas - Praxair

Provided IT suppoort to medical doctors and front line staff. Created online learning systems to deliver training. Worked in partnership with manufacturer to deliver course and develop course content.

Springboard Services & Centennial College
IT Service Repsesentative,

Worked with customers to resolve technical issues. Trained technical support staff and reps.

Shock Studios
Studio Managing Director,
Shock Studios Inc. (Startup)

Co founder of members art studio. Managed art studio environment. Develop resource for members and provided training. Taught illustration and storyboarding.

Springboard Services & Centennial College
Program Coordinator,
Springboard & Centennial

Managed Youth Employment program. Trained and managed front-line staff counsellors. Counsellor for Youth employment. Managed marketing and tracking program for joint associations for Youth Job Employment across Scarborough.


Paul Martin Kung Fu Creative Skills!

My Kung Fu is deadly!
Check out my styles!

Shaolin, TaiChi, Dragon, Snake, Crane, Tiger, Leopard and Praying Mantis. These are my tools
My hands and my mind are my weapons!

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Web Design
Business Development


More About Mr. Martin!

No one is to be put into a box!
EMBRACE Your Intersectionality. Diversify your Portfolio.

Business Executive & Consulant

I have been a Consultant, Manager, Director, VP and Business Owner. I have taken up executive roles on eight boards to date.

Teacher & Public Speaker

Teacher, Lecturer, Communicator, Facilitator, I engage audiences to assist them in bringing out their best.

Soccer Coach

20 years of Coaching experience. I have worked with all levels of the soccer community from grassroots to Semi Pro.

Business Advisor & Coach

Certified Business Coach. I Coach and Mentor Business Excutives and Entrepreneurs.

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* Paul Martin Interview on being a Coach and Mentor


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Don't take my word for it! See what others have to say!
Encode Media Group

Paul is one of the most talented individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. His ability to take on new projects and not only excel at them, but become an expert in a very short period of time was astounding to watch. His take no prisoners approach in getting the job done created a number of opportunities for our company."

Arvell Jones,
President/CEO - Encode Media Group
Deliotte eBusiness

Paul I wanted to personally thank you for the great work that you did with our client Bank of Montreal (BMO). They were extrememly impressed with the online representation. It was a pleasure to work with you and hopefully we will connect again soon. I look forward to recoomending you to other areas of Deliotte.

Toni Marshall
Senior Manager - Deloitte Secure eBusiness

Paul you are a very versatile individual with many skill sets. It has been a pleasure working with you as a colleague. I am so impressed with you skills and Centennial is lucky to have you. If there is anything I can do to assit in future endeavours, please do let me know.

Steve McLaughlin
Manager Athletics and Recreation - Centennial College

Paul is a talented marketing professional with strong technical and marketing ability. He provides a rare and valuable combination. He can help companies both develop and execute a successful, powerful marketing initiative, while also advising them on the best use of the technologies to facilitate these initiatives. Industry competitors much larger in size and with much larger budgets soon began to duplicate many of Paul's initiatives.

Heather Percy,
VP Marketing & Product Management - North Plains
Chanelle Reed

Paul provided us with strategic marketing and creative direction. He was directly responsible for increased partner activations. He was responsible to the creation of sales and marketing presentation materials which lead to increases in sales leads and interest in the organization. He also aided in the successful preparation of the company for acquisition.

Bruce Kemp
President & CEO - Edisoft


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